Donnell Lake

Nearest Town: Vandalia, MI
Water Surface Area: 246 acres
Max Depth: 63ft
Water Clarity: Very Clear
Distance to O’Donnell’s: 4 miles

Donnell Lake is 246 acres in size and up to 63 feet deep. There is a small island (2 acres) on the eastern side of the lake. Rolling hills composed of sandy glacial outwash and gravel characterize the geography of the area. A single inlet enters Donnell Lake on the east side. It drains Lime, Buck and Lewis lakes. An outlet exists on the southwestern shore, south of the public access. It feeds Paradise Lake, which in turn outlets to Christiana Creek.

Donnell Lake has a public boat launch that can accommodate up to 15 vehicles and restrooms.

O’Donnell’s Docks provides a full line of boat lifts, docks, accessories and top notch service to the residents of Donnell Lake. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your boat lift and/or dock.