Hewitt PWC Lift

Dragging your personal watercraft or small boat across a rocky shore to take a break or make repairs can ruin your hull (and your back). Hewitt has a better solution . . . a SINGLE or DOUBLE PWC Lift. Range of capacities from 700 lbs. to 1800 lbs.

  • All aluminum construction means low weight, strong and rust-free.
  • Bed frame reinforced with horizontal cross bars.
  • Acetal delrin plastic pulleys with stainless cable.
  • Adjustable pressure treated wood bunks.
  • Bunks are covered with marine carpeting on most models.

Freestanding PWC Specifications



Max Beam

Lift Height

Adjust. Leg


  LOA07 700 lb 52″ 36.5″ optional 95 lbs
  LOA088 833 lb 83″ 40″ 2-18″ 160 lbs
  LOA09 900 lb 67″ 40″ 2-18″ 128 lbs
  LOAH11-PW High Lift 1100 lb 66″ 64.5″ 4-30″ 170 lbs
  LOA11-DW 1150 lb 67″ 40″ 2-18″ 135 lbs
  LOA12-PW 1200 lb 96″ 41.5″ optional 294 lbs
  LOA14-DW Double 1400 lb 52″ each 36.5″ 3-18″ 190 lbs
  LOA15-PW 1500 lb 106″ 41.5″ optional 299 lbs
  LOA17-PW Double 1790 lb 67″ each 40″ 4-18″ 262 lbs
  LOA18-PW 1800 lb 106″ 41.5″ optional 362 lbs
Models and specifications are subject to change.

* Available Accessories – Canopy (Canopy Colors – Gray. Blue, Green, Beige, Yellow Orange and Teal.)

Hewitt Boat Lift Warranty
  • New HEWITT-built boat and pontoon lifts carry a 15 year conditional warranty on all aluminum and aluminum welds.
  • 5 year conditional warranty on boat port galvanized steel and welds.
  • 15 year conditional warranty on boat port polyethylene tanks.
  • 5 year conditional warranty on canvases, excluding fading.
HEWITT Machine and Manufacturing, Inc. further warrants all other parts used on HEWITT-built lifts and accessories, purchased new by original owner, to be free from defects in the material and workmanship under normal use for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase (excluding components and options which carry their own manufacturer’s warranty, wherein that warranty will apply.) Warranty is void when misuse or neglect is the cause. Specifications are subject to change without notice. THIS WARRANTY IS VALID ONLY IN THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA FOR PRODUCTS USED FOR FRESH WATER. HEWITT PRODUCTS ARE NOT INTENDED FOR SALT WATER (with the exception of BoatPorts).
To view complete warranty, click here.